Artist of the Month- Soundcloud Rapper Edition

A conversation with SDHS rapper “Yogi”


1.When did you start getting into music? 

“I started rapping around like two years ago”

2.Why did you start making music and rapping?

“I started making music and rapping so I can listen to myself”

3. Are you planning on rapping for a future?

“I am planning on rapping for the future and a career”

4.Who inspired you start getting into music?

“My homie 2facenick got me into it”

5. What are some of your music goals?

“My main goal is to make it out the ‘mud’ ”

6. What is your favorite thing about making your own music?

“I get to express myself”

7. What are some of your biggest accomplishments currently?

“I am Number 1 in the rap industry right now”

8. Do you write your own songs?

“Sometimes, it just depends”

9.How many songs have you made?

“I’ve made 13-14 but more are on the way”

Yogi’s socials:

Instagram- theofficalyogibear420

Soundcloud- Yogi Bear- Cove