Thrilling Moves

November 6, 2018

Killer moves, creepy costumes, and screams of joy were at Glendora Chevrolet on Oct. 29. The San Dimas High School Dance Team competed for the top spot and was crowned the winner of the annual “Thriller Dance Off”.

Dance team members and coaches always have a blast when they have a chance to perform once again at the mini-competition. Dance team coach Diana Boyd comments on her experience throughout the years; “I think it’s a great event, Glendora Chevrolet is so generous…it’s great to have them bring us together with other groups and have fun, compete, dress up, and just be silly.”

Glendora Chevrolet has been hosting this event for the past 4 years in which the dance team has been to 3. Over the past few years, the dance team has competed against other teams, such as the Bonita “D Street” team. This year San Dimas’ toughest competition was the Praise Studio Dance Team “Minis”.

It was a tough battle between the two groups. Both teams put on a great performance to win the first place prize of 500 dollars and the honor of winning the title for the rest of the year. From the cuteness factor of the Mini’s, to the creepy and intricate choreography of the San Dimas Dance Team; it was easy to say that both teams worked hard.

After the first 30 minutes of the competition, it was time for voting to begin. This year the voting was done online and was open for 10 minutes through live polls. The poll was live through all of Chevrolet’s social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

After a long-awaited 10 minutes, the results were in. The winners for The Glendora Chevrolet Dance-Off 2018 was the San Dimas High School Dance Team. The team was ecstatic and very proud of their hard work.

“It feels amazing” Boyd proudly states, “The San Dimas Dance Team is awesome and they absolutely deserved to win.” Even though San Dimas won, the ladies of San Dimas were very proud of the Minis for their performance and gave them their respects. “They were amazing too. They were fun, cute to watch. It’s always fun to see other groups.”

The San Dimas Dance Team are overjoyed for the win and are now focusing on their normal competition season.

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