SD Baseball defeats Bonita

April 4, 2022

The feeling of victory, the feeling of accomplishment, and the feeling of winning. This is exactly what our San Dimas Saints varsity baseball team experienced on February twenty-eighth, when they beat Bonita High School.

The game started out bumpy for our Saints, as Bonita had already hit a home run in the second inning, leaving the Saints with no runs, and the Bearcats with one. This rollercoaster continued, as Bonita scored yet another three runs during the third inning, still nothing from our team. This was very stressful for the team and coaches, as they knew they had to catch up if they wanted the win.

During the fourth inning, Sophomore Ryan Castro hit the first RBI (run batted in), with all bases loaded. First to home was Sophomore Landon White, leaving Junior Ryder Young on third base, and leaving Senior Ayden Garcia on second base. Sophomore Jude Favela was in to pinch hit for Senior Jake Ferretti. Jude Favela hit a sacrifice fly ball to score Ryder YoungUnfortunately, this meant that our boys were still down in the fourth inning. Because of Castro’s superlative hit and Favela’s sacrifice, our team was now at a score of four to two.

Finally in the seventh inning, Senior TJ Pardus lead off the inning with a base hit followed by Freshman Vaughn Coleman drag bunt down the third baseline for a hit. Then, Sophomore Kasen Khansarinia sacrificed bunted them over. Senior Robert Castillo hit a single to score the pair of runners. This is now a tied-ball game. Up next, White hit a double to move Castillo to third followed by an RBI double, to score Castillo and White. Our Saints now took the lead! Senior Alex Ramos came in for the save and shutdown the Bearcats to win the game. This rivalry game was an absolute nail-biter and now our Saints move onto a record of 5-1.

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