(PC: Sarah Hill)

PC: Sarah Hill

The Spotlight

November 5, 2018

There are a variety of activities that make San Dimas High School so diverse and open to all students. One group that is widely loved and appreciated by many is the San Dimas Choir. There is a lot that is put into every production from preparation to the final product. To start off the year, our choir performed for their annual fall concert.

There are three different choirs, chorale, women’s ensemble, and chamber singers. They all came together and performed a beautiful show, but it couldn’t have happened without the amazing guidance and leadership of San Dimas and Lone Hill choir teacher Mr. Pugh. When talking about the concert, Pugh was very proud of everyone. “I was very excited about the concert. Everyone worked very hard and learned their parts fast,” he expressed, “Everyone did great and it was a better turnout than last year.”

With all of the songs that were performed, there was bound to be some that stood out from the rest. “My favorite was ‘Down in the River to Pray’. I liked the use of the candles and the way they walked onstage”, Pugh stated. This song, along with many others, went along perfectly with this year’s theme which was ‘Wade in the Water.’ “Even though the water theme was beautiful”, Pugh adds, “I just wished I made more of a variety of songs.”

The fall concert is just one of many concerts to come this year for San Dimas Choir, including the winter and pop concerts. With these upcoming concerts comes more practice and advancement for all of the singers. “Now singers better understand expectations and see how hard they have to work,” said Pugh. When looking into the future of this year and the plans with choir, Pugh shared, “I’m looking forward to steady growth. The steady growth of our singers.”

All in all, the concert was a success. Everybody did a great job and really gave their all in each song. There were a lot of singers that started off this year not having prior experience of being in choir, but they all gave it their best for the love of singing. 

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