Senior Signing Day

Seniors Jessica Mejia and Jersey Cabanas process of committing to their Colleges.

March 23, 2022

Senior signing day at San Dimas High School displays the academic and athletic achievement of our senior Saints. Commiting to a college is a big deal for these Saints, because it determines where they will pursue their future for the next 4 years. 

Committing to a college is a different experience and process for everyone, ¨The process was honestly more stressful than I expected it to be. With covid taking away my biggest year for recruitment, my junior year, it took a toll on the process and created a lot of stress about it. However, I stayed consistent and was able to have options to make a choice on where to go rather than relying on one school,¨ Senior, Jessica Mejia. Committing to a college can be a challenging process however, Mejia stuck with it and will be furthering her academic and soccer career at New Mexico Highlands University.  

For Senior, Jersey Cabana, her process was very similar, ¨I had an unbelievable amount of stress and anxiety going into my senior year uncommitted. All of my friends around me were being signed and committed and it was very emotional for me. But even with all that being said and done I’m happy I have the opportunity to even play at the collegiate level.¨ Jersey committed to Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee, where she will further her academics and play softball.

These Saints stayed persistent and persevered through the anxiety and stress of signing senior year. However, the process is over for Mejia and Cabana and now they can look forward to attending and starting their lives at college. Senior, Jessica Mejia states, ¨Im looking forward to being able to experience going to school out of state, living on my own, meeting people from out of state, and being able to play soccer. I also hope to create bonds with both teammates and classmates that will hopefully last after college.¨ Starting college is a very exciting idea for Mejia and she can’t wait to create new memories at New Mexico Highlands University. 

¨The things that I’m looking most forward to is getting a new experience like making new friends and living in a new area. I’m also excited about playing at the collegiate level. I’ve dreamed about this for so long and I’m so excited to experience what it’s like to play at such a high level,¨ Senior, Jersey Cabana. 

It is safe to say that the long-awaited journey is over for both of these saints. When signing their letters of intent, they took the first step in determining where they will further their lives for the next 4 years. On behalf of San Dimas High, I would like to wish them a great College experience full of success and great memories. Congratulations to both Jessica Mejia and Jersey Cabana on their huge achievement of committing to a University.

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