Courageous Conversation- Mental, Physical, and Emotional Fatigue

Discussion about well-being and how it can be communicated among teachers and students

Courageous Conversation- Mental, Physical, and Emotional Fatigue

This month’s courageous conversation focused on mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. Students and staff came together to discuss the overall well-being of students as well as teachers. Sometimes, it is difficult for both staff and students to deal with their physical or mental health. This can impact relationships between students and staff, which has many negative effects and a lack of two-way communication can result in many misunderstandings.

During this conversation, students expressed that they feel pressure and stress, especially from parents. They also talked about how their parent’s definition of failure can be very different than they would want, yet they have to meet those expectations because they live under their roof. 

Another concern that was brought up was the view that teachers have on students. Many students believe that a grade defines them. It is thought that teachers don’t get to know their students and simply base them on the letter that shows up next to their name. Also, students may feel that teachers are unapproachable or just don’t understand them which is the start of having bad communication. While some teachers explained that it is not that way for some teachers, staff and students said that they felt it was the case with most teachers.

Junior Krishna Patel says “It’s important to discuss because this meeting helped students understand that teachers are willing to listen to us. It also helped us understand what teachers need from us so they can better understand and be there for us.”

Overall this meeting helped both students and teachers get a better understanding of physical, mental, and emotional fatigue and how it can viewed from the other perspective.