This Summer’s Farmers Market

May 4, 2022

The San Dimas Farmers Market comes around every summer and falls on the Wednesday evening of every week. The Farmers Market has been a staple tradition of San Dimas for a very long time, but recently covid has put a damper on the event. The first lockdown made the market completely obsolete for a summer, and the following summer left it picking up the pieces of what it once was. This year, with covid restrictions greatly relaxed, the event should be starting to bounce back and live up to the expectations of locals.

The Farmers Market is normally well-received, with older goers enjoying the live music and food trucks for dining, and children enjoying bouncy houses and miniature petting zoos filled with goats, dogs, and ponies. And as for the teens in town, some San Dimas High School students detail how they feel.

“I’ve been a lot, it’s fun, there’s not really a lot to do though because it’s pretty small,” says freshman Pratham Vernekar.

The statement proves true; while a majority of surrounding towns end up closing their main street on the day of the Farmers Market San Dimas has strayed from that tradition. Due to complaints, the market has been long held in the parking lot of the civic center, which creates nice proximity to the park, but also creates the dilemma of a lack of space and activities within the market, while also driving business away from local restaurants and shops downtown.

“I’m gonna try to go a lot this summer… I end up seeing some of my friends and I know a lot of people that volunteer there.” freshman Lauren Miranda responded, when asked what draws her to the market.

I’m gonna try to go a lot this summer… I end up seeing some of my friends and I know a lot of people that volunteer there.”

— Lauren Miranda

In spite of what may be lacking, many young people are still attracted to the Farmers Market. For high schoolers of San Dimas, the market even doubles as a job opportunity as well as a chance to socialize. Events like this are uncommon in a small town like ours, but when presented help bring the community of all ages together; students and adults alike use chances like these to hang out and see one another regardless of how appealing the rest of the market is.

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