Humans of SD – Zachery Paulson


Photography by Sophmore, Audrey Gomez

By Sophia Gonzalez, Arts Editor

How did you and your girlfriend meet? 

“Me and Audrey met in our first-period AVID class; basically I was alone and sitting by myself in the back of the class and after I did all my work she and her friend, our good friend Leah Gonzalez, were playing Pictionary and Audrey was trying to draw Nightwing who was on her phone, so I asked “are you trying to draw Nightwing?” cause [sic] y’know I’m just interested, and uh I ended up going over there and I joined Pictionary with them, and from then on we just kept playing together. Then we made an AVID group chat between the three of us and after a while, Audrey realized she liked me, so we started talking together more. One day on the way home from Target, I get a text and it’s her confession saying “hey I have feelings for you Zack, and I was wondering if you felt the same” of course I felt the same. So that happened and then we called pretty much every single day after that because she doesn’t forget and yeah that’s it.” – Sophomore, Zachery Paulson