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Humans of SD – Alexa Villalpando

November 6, 2018

“I played in band since I was in the 7th grade. At first I played the clarinet, but I tried the saxophone one day and I really liked it. Playing in band is so fun for me. I get to hang out with my friends and do what I love the most which is practice and play music. My favorite thing I get to do in band is go to competitions. The build up to competitions like practice and learning new songs and routines can get a bit stressful, but all that preparation is worth it at the end of the competition. I remember that at one of my competitions we had a routine where I had to get in a squatting position and my pants ripped. I looked down to see that they ripped all the way down to my knee. I was so embarrassed, but the show must go on!”

-Alexa Villalpando, Sophomore

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