What Memorial Weekend Truly Means

Memorial Weekend serves the brave men and women that fought for the United States

May 4, 2022

The meaning behind memorial day means more than just a day off from life. It means families grieving loved ones, it means soldiers remembering what they sacrificed for their country. Brave men and women give their lives to be remembered every year, falling on the 30th of May this 2022 year. It is a time for the celebration of lives and grief for families and friends who have been lost tragically in war. 

Down at Forest Lawn in San Dimas California veterans are remembered by members of the community by going around putting American flags on each layer of grass near the soldier’s headstones, volunteer sacrifices of time are given to appreciate their gratitude to these American soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Member of the community, Nick Dimel, a former veteran visits his lifelong friend every single year who didn’t make it out of the Vietnam war with him, “This man was my best friend, I enlisted with him when we were both 17 back in 1958, we drafted into the Navy and spent 5 years together until he got sent to Vietnam. I stayed on the ship and found out one day from his wife a few years later that he never returned from Vietnam.” 

It truly is a tragedy to these families to have to grieve spouses, fathers, mothers, etc. Leaving families in hard lives to live without a loved one is something no family wishes on another. Being an American means supporting your country and being proud of the freedom due to these strong men and women fighting for freedom still to this day. 

Cemeteries all over dedicated to fallen soldiers encourage people to get out on memorial day and dedicate time to showing their patriotism by putting these flags by all the soldiers. Rows and rows of flags distributed on each gravestone show the meaning behind a true American. 

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