Why Teachers Classrooms are Important

How teachers classrooms reflect on their teaching.

Why Teachers Classrooms are Important

At San Dimas Highschool, there are many well-decorated adorable classrooms. But, do students ever wonder why teachers decorate their classrooms the way they do and how it reflects on the teachers own teaching style? Ms. Mcgill, a math teacher here at San Dimas explains that her classroom is a place she takes pride in and she wants students to always feel welcomed in. 

Having a nice classroom does affect students in such ways. Mcgill explains, “I think a classroom environment is important for students not only to feel safe, take risks but also just to work with their best foot forward and I think that the environment can play a big role in that and contribute to that overall success”. Being able to work in a nice classroom environment may be able to make students feel more comfortable and have an exciting feeling to go to that certain classroom. Mcgill’s ideal vibe was to have a chill aesthetic classroom that is welcoming to all students. When Mgcill recently redid her classroom over spring break with some lovely students, she had an inspiration to make the classroom feel like a place where students are motivated, happy, and excited to do math. She didn’t want her students ever to feel nervous or anxious when being in her classroom. Mcgill states, “I wanted to make my students feel like it’s a class that they want and enjoy to be in, a class that they want to come to everyday”. Her room makeover included: string lights, decorational ivy, a blue light to make students feel relaxed and calm, awesome motivational posters, and a black couch (which she has even slept on before afterschool).

“No matter what’s on the walls or how a classroom looks, the most important thing a teacher can do is build relationships with their students!”

— Ms. Mcgill

A teacher’s classroom is important because it in some way reflects and extends on a teacher’s personality. “I think when youtube pride into your space, your classroom, your desk, your room- it reflects your personality of what you take pride of just like how I take pride in being a teacher and I want to do the best that I can do and I want my classroom to look the best that it can be,” Mcgill states. It also is similar to how Mcgill decorates her home as well, she explains that she is very into black and white right now, and has just done many adjustments to her house fitting that theme. She even brought it over to her classroom, which may explain why the main colors in her class are black and white all over. 

Sometimes there may be a pattern in certain different subjects in which a teacher might not decorate their classroom because they teach a certain subject. But, that is not true. Most teachers either have time to decorate their classrooms or don’t. It all in all depends on the teacher and their schedule. Mcgill states, “I don’t think it’s necessarily a subject matter that has less of a decor but it’s more  of a teacher that is just really busy”. It also depends on the teacher’s personality, if they like aesthetics and decorating and do take time to spend time on their classrooms to make it look vibrant.

Highlighting the importance of mental health even if it is a small poster telling students to work hard and be kind or that they are blessed is one of the most important things to Mcgill. She felt that especially with how the start of the year was rocky it’s nice to bring some light into a stressful new year. “We’ve had a rough couple of years in education, and I feel like mental health is just as important as me putting up some math posters. I feel like giving them some motivation even if it’s the little things, make a difference”. Even though it may reach just one person, making a difference in one person’s life is better than zero. At the end of the day, a classroom does hold an affect on how students feel. But a students relationship with a teacher is more important than a classroom aesthetic. Mcgill states, “No matter what’s on the walls or how a classroom looks, the most important thing a teacher can do is build relationships with their students!”.