Pride Month at San Dimas Highschool

May 26, 2022

Every June, the members of the LGBTQIA+ community join hands to celebrate Pride Month. Pride month is specifically for the people of the community to honor their voices and highlight the issues they have faced. Some teachers here at San Dimas are allies of the LGBTQ community, celebrating their students by standing by them. Just to name a few, Mrs. Ruiz and Mrs. Prust stand by their students and recognize their inner beauty regardless of their sexual preferences.

Mrs. Ruiz has been an ongoing supporter of the queer community for as long as she can remember. She’s been around the LGBT community ever since she was young, ever since she has an uncle and aunt part of the community. Even though she is not a part of the community herself, she will always support her students and the community. “Pride month means to be accepting of all people. We’re all different, and we all want to be accepted, so I think we should accept everybody else.” English teacher, Mrs. Ruiz.

Mrs. Prust is another teacher who is an ally here at San Dimas. When her children were attending college, she was introduced to the LGBT community because her children had friends who were just coming out. Mrs. Prust wants to make it evident that she accepts everybody and lets every student know that they are loved and accepted. Not only that, but she wants to influence those to think about becoming allies. “One of my son’s friends is like a son to me. He was troubled with hiding the fact that he was gay for so long. He celebrates his coming out the day as his birthday, explains math teacher, Mrs. Prust.

When people think of June they think of pride month. Pride parades are held annually every year to celebrate the LGBT community who have fought to be accepted by the world. Here at San Dimas, students wish to be accepted by their peers and hope to stand by their fellow students as they progress through the years.

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