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Letter From the Editor – Daniella Montoya

June 1, 2022

Dear San Dimas High School, 

While it feels weird to be writing to everyone as a Junior, I know that the program has seen an immense amount of growth in the span of one year. Walking into the journalism room on the first day of my Junior year, I was immediately greeted by the hearty laughter of Mrs. Lehrmann and students from all walks of life. The thing about journalism is that the program itself has a way of overcoming barriers and bonding all kinds of personalities in ways that I had never before seen. 

This year has been characterized as a year of comebacks. Comebacks from the silence of content creation of Kendrick Lamar, comebacks of our favorite awards shows, and comebacks from The Saint Scroll. I’ve witnessed our writers go through growth phases as they begin to dip their toes into uncharted waters and find their own passion within the investigative process. I can say that this same spirit inspired me to work harder to represent those underrepresented programs and problems that plague the school.

But what is journalism without its constant energetic environment, or our daily talks accompanied by microwave popcorn surrounding Mrs. Lehrmann’s desk, or our shared characteristics of being a group of some of the most strongly opinionated among the student body? This year’s staff has worked hard to revive The Saint Scroll and incorporated our own tastes into producing monthly Spotify playlists, a revived Instagram, and a new attempt towards learning the ropes of Instagram Reelz. Although the publication is still in its infancy, I cannot wait to see how far next year’s staff can take it to help foster its growth. 

To our seniors who have contributed many laughs and riveting stories to our publications this year, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope that you carry these memories with you. To the incoming staff members, remember to find topics you are passionate about and let your curiosity guide you through the journalistic process, incorporate your own creative ideas into the publishment, and find ways to implement these into the program, above all else, form connections with your peer staff writers and cherish your time with The Saint Scroll.

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