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Ending On Top

Season Review- Volleyball

November 7, 2018

Fighting to stay on top, girls volleyball is slowly coming to an end. This season was a great one and the fans enjoyed each and every game. The Saints were named number one in their league. With the help of their coaches, Courtney Hine and Ms. Chiappone, they are pushing even harder to see how far all the blood, sweat, and tears will carry them as they enter their CIF championship.

Varsity player, Chloe Jones says, “My favorite part of the season would have to be watching my team grow as one and watching everyone work really well together”.

Both Ms. Hine and Jones agree that winning against North View was a great moment in the season, but winning the title of league champions had to be the highlight of the season. Two undefeated teams fighting it out for the top spot. It was a huge challenge, but the Saints were ready to show them who deserves it more.

Coach Courtney says so many great things have happened this year and she’s aware of the struggles coming up next season. Ten seniors are leaving this year on varsity, and that leaves 10 spots that need to be filled with replacements. Hine says that it’s not going to be easy as she tries to get everyone back to working and playing together again as they did amazingly this season, but she is confident they can do it. She is sad to be losing so many girls, however, she is ready to rebuild this team better than ever before.

After their recent win in the third round of CIF championships, the volleyball team is “ready to win it all,” says Jones. It’s not over till’ it’s over, and our Saints aren’t ready to back down now.

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