The San Dimas Dance Show

May 26, 2022

San Dimas arts’ seasons are coming to an end, and most programs want to go out with a bang. San Dimas’ Dance Team had their last show of the year, and it was quite the sendoff. The show included performances from the dance team, dance P.E. classes, junior saints, and San Dimas’ drama department. The performance was jam-packed with a wide range of performances, leaving not a dull moment the whole night.

This year’s show theme was “We Will Rock You,” it featured a variety of classic rock songs. The show started off with various group performances from the participants, including even the littlest dancers of the night, the Junior Saints, who performed with the help of some dance team members. San Dimas’ Drama Department was also invited and performed various numbers from their show “Seussical the Musical.”

The dance P.E. classes were a major highlight of the show, including a wide variety of mostly freshmen and sophomores, with some juniors and seniors. When asked how she felt about the class, freshman Antoinette Peralta says, “It’s all new to me and it’s a lot of work, but it’s a major bonding experience and I’ve gotten closer with a lot of people because of it.”

After the group numbers, some of the girls from San Dimas Dance Team performed solos and smaller group numbers, and scattered in between were heartwarming tributes to each of the 3 team captains, who are the three graduating seniors on the team.

Alongside the hard work put into creating these amazing shows, San Dimas’ dance program proves to have created meaningful bonds between all classes and grades, which is why this last show was sentimental to many of the dancers.

“I don’t know, it was pretty hard but I think I’m still gonna miss it.” says freshman Sienna Ramirez of her dance P.E. class, “it was definitely a learning experience.”

In between all the sentiment, was a first-time performance from the varsity football team which was an amazing closer for the show, summarizing how much fun the San Dimas Dance Program is, and bringing something new to look forward to in their next season.

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