San Dimas Highschool’s First Mural

Beautiful Mural created by San Dimas Social Activism club

San Dimas Highschools First Mural

San Dimas High School’s Social Activism club is putting together a mural for all of the present and future San Dimas students. Noa Berry, Secretary of the Activism Club states that they’re painting a mural, “as a way to provide artwork on campus that is not only uplifting but an inclusive and correct representation of our school’s diversity, spirit, and what we seek to embody”.

 With this mural, students will be able to see the ways that our school is taking steps to represent different communities in more creative ways. 

When painting this mural, the club hopes for it to serve as a reminder to students that we, students of San Dimas, are all connected and unified. “Well, I hope that our murals’ message “Power in Unity” is taken quite literally. I hope that this mural serves as a reminder of the power we have as a school when we are collaborative and have everyone’s best interest in mind,” she explains.

Berry continues, “ We really want to remind everyone that our school is so powerful when united with all of our unique voices”. Reminding all students that we are all unified and that we are all unique in our own ways can make a difference in someone’s day.

This is a message that everyone should hear and be familiar with. It’s also a message that represents everyone

— Noa Berry

The mural is located inside of the Media Center to protect it from weather destruction. The idea of the mural first started because the president of the Activism club, Isabella Trejos, has been passionate about promoting inclusion and diversity.

Berry fell in love with the idea and joined in to help. The club hopes to reach out to all students of San Dimas. They want to reach out to  everyone because, “this is a message that everyone should hear and be familiar with. It’s also a message that represents everyone”.  Every student of San Dimas deserves to feel represented, loved, and feel like they belong; the message of the mural is important for everyone to see and the club hopes to make everyone feel welcomed into this environment. They definitely hope to do something like this again, and hope to create more important matters into beautiful as well as thoughtful artwork as there is so much space around campus.