Neon Foam Dance

Spiritline hosts this year's foam dance celebrating the entrance into a fresh school year

September 29, 2022

Arguably one of San Dimas High’s more highly anticipated dances commenced on September 9th; The Foam Dance this year headed and planned by Spiritline was an epic way to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. The SDHS Foam Dance is always marked by bright neon colors, flickering strobe lights, fully equipped DJ booths, and of course foam machines. Spiritline brought together a full spread of decorations that lined the outsides of the gym as well as fun fair snacks sold by our very own SDHS Spiritline parents.

Senior, Monica Pastor says that one of the reasons she loves the Neon Foam dance above all others is that there is less pressure to find an outfit or date, “

it’s all about being in the moment and just casually having fun with your friends

— Monica Pastor


While the formality and excitement that come along with homecoming and prom are central to the high school experience, sometimes it’s nice to break away from tradition and engage in a night of no-stress lowkey fun. 

Last year The Foam Dance was a hit amongst the student body because of the DJ’s set list that was able to touch upon a wide range of music tastes ensuring everyone’s engagement. This year, due to popular demand, the DJ made an epic return after earning even more reputation with the students after going viral on Tiktok. Senior, Cynthia Vega says that the set list highlighted almost every genre of music, “at one point we were all dancing cumbia and it just felt so natural.”

Thanks to Spiritline’s great effort the Neon Foam dance was yet again another hit as students from all grade levels were able to come together and make memories to carry on beyond high school.

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