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Saints Take a Night Out in Athens

November 5, 2018

After the week’s hectic football game, the Homecoming festivities continued into Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018. The Saints hosted their annual Homecoming dance at the Pomona DoubleTree Hotel with the theme, “A Night Out in Athens”.

Some students who attended the formal event tell us their experiences from the magical night. Interviewed for The Saint Scroll were senior, Caroline Cobo, and sophomore, Justine Frias.

What was the preparation for homecoming like for you?

Cobo: “It was fun to dress up and go to Via Verde park to take pictures with everyone”.

Frias: “Preparation was hectic I was forced by my friends so basically I had to plan everything. I actually got ready at my house, my aunt who does makeup and hair professionally did mine for me so getting ready was fun also”.

What were your thoughts on the venue, music, and theme?

Cobo: I loved the DJ and the music was great. The venue was really nice, and the theme was good.

Frias: I thought that the venue was really nice and well set up. The music was good but could’ve been better a lot of the songs were repeated. The theme of homecoming was great because it was nice and simple.

What were some of the highlights of the night?

Cobo: “My favorite highlights were dancing with friends and hanging out afterward.”

Frias: “Definitely dancing with my friends and taking pictures in the photo booth.”

Being a senior, how did it feel that this was your last homecoming?

Cobo: “Since it was my last homecoming it motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and just have fun.”

Being a sophomore, was this your first dance?

Frias: “No this was not my first dance. Last year was my first Homecoming, but I have to say this one was by far the better one.”

Any funny moments that happened at homecoming?

Cobo: I guess being in the middle of the dance floor and seeing everyone doing their own thing. There were a lot of mosh pit moments going on.

Frias: A memory I will take away from this dance would be when I was getting water and the whole water container fell.

Homecoming was an exciting celebration for the Saints. Dancing the night away to the DJs bops, dressing in their best outfits, and just enjoying an eventful “Night out in Athens”.

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