Homecoming Princess, Melissa Rayas, on her float in the parade. (PC: Saraluz Hager)
Homecoming Princess, Melissa Rayas, on her float in the parade.

PC: Saraluz Hager

San Dimas High School in the Annual Homecoming Parade

SDHS starting the school year right with the Homecoming Parade

October 31, 2022

San Dimas High School kicked off the homecoming festivities on October 14, 2022, with the annual Homecoming Parade held in downtown San Dimas. Every year since 2008, San Dimas High School has held the Homecoming Parade in downtown San Dimas, and from then it became a tradition for the school and city. The parade was enjoyed by all ages in the community, and it brought the people of San Dimas together. In the parade, all groups of SDHS participated, along with the Homecoming Princesses, Lone Hill Middle School, and some of the elementary schools in the district. 

The event has always been something special to the city of San Dimas, and people enjoyed being a part of it. “It’s really cool to be a part of the parade because you get to be with the people you love and also see your loved ones watching and supporting you from the sidewalk,” said Junior, Eva Yassine. So many different clubs, sports, and leadership groups participated in the parade. It didn’t matter what group a person came from, they all joined together to show school spirit, and that made this parade special. 

The Princesses were spotlighted in the parade as they sat on top of their fancy cars and waved at their family, friends, and people lined the streets of downtown. The princesses led the trail of different graduating classes/school sports in cars, Spiritline on a firetruck, band, and others as they walked on the street. “Being one of the Homecoming Princesses in the parade made me feel so special and loved because everyone was so nice and supportive,” said Senior, Melissa Rayas. Rayas has also been a part of SDHS Spiritline for 4 years, so she had been in the parade every year, but this year she believed that her being one of the princesses made that experience more memorable and meaningful. 

The Homecoming parade was an exciting event for the students, parents, children, SDHS alumni, and all other people in San Dimas. The city itself is relatively small compared to others, so events like the parade made it easy for people to gather in one place and enjoy the presence of their family, friends, and neighbors. The different programs of SDHS felt acknowledged and appreciated because the homecoming parade was a place people were able to watch all the different groups in one area. The parade was one of the many events SDHS would put together for the upcoming school year. 

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