The City of San Dimas Kick Starts Homecoming Week

November 4, 2018

High hopes and spirits are in the air as the city of San Dimas gathered for their annual Homecoming Parade. This is the first of all Homecoming festivities featuring elementary school students, Lone Hill Middle School, and various clubs and sports from our very own San Dimas High. From City Hall to Roady’s, It was a delightful display of pride and joy by our city’s younger generation.

“Being able to represent drama in the parade made me feel pretty proud for what I have been doing for the past 3 years. Especially the feeling of joy when people cheer for YOU.” says Junior Christian Erickson, actor for SDHS Drama.

“It was cool to see everyone cheering for us and supporting us,” says Sophomore cross country runner Xochitl Caceres. “And nice to get our name out there so more people know that we exist. I had no clue cross what country was until high school.”

Thanks to all its participants, this year’s parade was a great way to officially begin the Homecoming festivities, carrying all the excitement into the rest of Homecoming weekend. 

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