Melody Wilson
Melody Wilson

Artist of the Month – Melody Wilson

November 25, 2022

Saint Scroll sits down to chat with Artist of the Month, dancer Melody Wilson.

Saint Scroll: What made you want to start dancing/performing?

Junior, Melody Wilson

Melody: “I needed to find something to help me escape reality”.

Saint Scroll: At what age did you gain interest in learning how to dance?

Melody: “9 years old”

Saint Scroll: Did you ever have an embarrassing moment?

Melody: “One time my foot slipped from under me when I went to kick”

Saint Scroll: How many places have you performed at? Which was your favorite?

Melody: “Performed with the Joffery ballet company, ABT ballet company, and Monrovia High School”

Saint Scroll: What’s one trick you love the most?

Melody: “I love doing backflips”

Saint Scroll: Do you see yourself dancing after graduating high school?

Melody: “Yes I’m going to try to be a professional and get more advanced and learn along the way”

Saint Scroll: If you gave one piece of advice to someone about dancing, what would it be?

Melody: “Push yourself to be your best and dance like nobody is watching”

Saint Scroll: What motivates you to keep going and to do better?

Melody: “Just reminding myself how strong I am, and as much as I love dancing”

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