On The Convergence of Music and Clothes

How the music you listen to lies within the clothes you wear.

December 1, 2022

 Music is a personal experience; every song and every word carries a piece of life that someone will hold close to them.  This connection people make can be observed through clothing as it is often used to emulate the vision and story of sound into something perceptible and coherent such as physical appearance.  The students at San Dimas High School provide a reflection on themselves and how they perceive music in regards to the instance of how music taste correlates with personal style.

Seniors Aaron Avalos (Left) and Ernest Dela Cruz (Right) posing with their outfit of the day.

Different universes are created from a single sound; songs and artists become muses that allow for people to traverse through life by having something they can relate to.  As people find music that is so personal to them and something they want to hold close, clothing becomes a vessel for sound to live vicariously through physical items. 

Senior Aaron Avalos is one of many students that is strongly impacted by music, he recalls  “in the past, before finding out about these artists and groups, I was boring and basic.  I didn’t have any style and I was just doing the bare minimum.  But, when I found out about these groups and people it gave me a sense of happiness that I could understand and feel.  It gave me confidence and support to express myself.”

Wearing clothes that align with the music that is most significant and prominent in a person’s life is a way of immersing oneself in a place where they are recognized and understood, intertwining themselves with a truth that is difficult to communicate on their own, but becomes viable when it’s in the form of clothing and self-expression.

Senior Ernest De La Cruz illustrates the dynamic between creator and listener when he explains that, “if you wear an artist’s merch it feels like you resonate with their message.  You portray that through what you’re wearing and the attachment the merch has to the artist.  That’s why people do it; they stand behind what the artist is standing behind and what they’re trying to convey through their music.” 

Music is translucent; it lingers deep within a person and reveals itself through something comprehensible and dimensional such as clothing.  Fashion channels the art and communication of music to reveal the facets of life, experiences, and vulnerabilities that are otherwise left in the dark and unheard of.  

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