Mr. and Mrs. Black on The Kelly Clarkson Show
Mr. and Mrs. Black on The Kelly Clarkson Show

A Star is Born: Mr. Black on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mr. and Mrs. Black on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

November 30, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Black enjoy their cruise provided by The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Mr. Black, San Dimas High School Art Teacher, appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this year when he was nominated for an inspirational teacher award by a former student, Cruz Hernandez, San Dimas Class of 2020. Mr. Black was then invited to go on The Kelly Clarkson Cruise with his wife on a brand new ship, to be recognized by Norwegian Cruise Line as one of the 100 best teachers in the country.

Mr. Black was first given a seven-day cruise on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and to his surprise, was given another trip as well on account of his and his wife, Tova’s, remarkable characteristics. Mr. and Mrs. Black are both teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching and supporting their students. During the time on the show Mr. and Mrs. Black were coming up on their twentieth wedding anniversary, and what’s better than re-proposing on The Kelly Clarkson Show?

In the show, the couple shares a moment where Mr. Black expresses his feelings for his wife as they enjoy a champagne toast on the side of the ship. Mr. Black said that “after the second day we understood the story that they were trying to tell -which is fine because it’s true- was about us being a romantic couple”.

Mr. and Mrs. Black were able to step away from their busy lives just the two of them for the first time in 20 years. This trip gave Mr. Black the opportunity to re-propose to his wife as a 20th-anniversary gift. Mr. Black says, “I knew I was going to do something special for her for our twenty years, I didn’t know what, probably a ring of some kind”, Mr. Black continues, “but the show gave me the opportunity to do so”.

 Mrs. Black suspected nothing of this ongoing plan until the very moment of the proposal. Mr. Black said, “I wanted to do something special for her, being on this cruise reunited our romance, and all of the things I said to her were my own words”. He expressed that in those special moments the words were his own, they came straight from his heart and were not produced by the show. 

The show continues on with the original cruise that was given to Mr. and Mrs. Black by Kelly Clarkson. Viewers are able to see Mr. and Mrs. Black enjoying all of the amenities the cruise provided, as well as attending a concert by Kelly Clarkson herself. Who knows, this might not even be the end of Mr. and Mrs. Black’s time on national television.

Check out the clip here: 

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