Is HBO’s White Lotus the Only Good Show on TV Right Now?

White Lotus may just be the show that articulates the perfect modern whodunnit story with undertones of class and sex-based issues.

December 19, 2022

HBO has done it yet again producing shows that captivate audiences with aesthetically pleasing cinematography, multidimensional characters, and a social commentary that reflects our fast-changing society. Following Euphoria, a captivating and authentic plotline of substance abuse and teenage dilemmas, HBO has come out with White Lotus, a show that provides a social satire of the wealthy elite and the exploits of various employees at an exclusive resort chain.

The first season focuses on a select high ranking family, newly weds, resort managers, and wealthy heiress at a five-star resort in Hawaii. The audience follows along with several different plotlines that satirize the struggles of this elite and the troubles they face within a weeks’ span of vacation. Rather than taking a more traditional approach to the murder mystery White Lotus focuses on developing the storylines of each character working backwards as the audience wonders “who done it?” 

After the first season’s debut in 2021 the show had massive success despite being filmed during the pandemic. HBO renewed the show for their second season which takes place at the White Lotus Resort in Taormina, Italy focusing on an entirely new cast of characters with the exception of Tanya McQuoid, a character played by Jennifer Coolidge. The second season focuses on the evolution of misogyny through the guise of three generations of Italian American men and the different couple dynamics at play. The show keeps the audience completely enthralled with its absurdity as people wonder which character will die when a body is found floating in the Ionian Sea.

English and Journalism teacher, Mrs. Lehrmann, explains exactly what a hold this show has had in the weeks prior to the second season finale, “It’s unlike anything else on TV right now. It’s giving cinema. It’s giving vacation. It’s a whodunnit without realizing it’s a whodunnit.” From the words and credentials of a prior film major this completely affirms the fact that if you are looking for a show to watch White Lotus will take you on the journey everyone so needs.

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