Girls Water Polo win against the Webb Schools

Girls Water Polo win their second leauge game.

January 31, 2023

On Tuesday, January 10th, at 4 P.M, the girls Varsity Water Polo team won their game against the Webb Schools, which took place at the San Dimas Recreation Center pool. It was league game number 2, and the girls had a sweeping lead of 7 points, with the final score being 15-8.

Junior, Maddie Coss, plays the one position on the 1-2 side; she scored three goals throughout the game. She started water polo during her freshman year summer, “Me and my friend started it for fun, then both of us made the 18 team instead of the 16 team and realized we were actually good, so we just kept playing,” Coss explained. She scored in the third and the fourth quarter, “Before my goal, all I could think about was not to mess up, and I was trying to swim with the ball and not lose the ball,” Coss stated. Since Webb isn’t the most experienced team with water polo, the team was confident in winning.

Sophomore, Isabella Santana, plays the 2 position on the 1-2 side, scoring one goal in the quarter. This is her first game of the season, and she has been preparing all month as well as in the pre-season. She got involved in water polo because “mainly of my dad, he played water polo in his high school and college and also coaches water polo. Ever since I was a little kid, he’s always made us go into the pool, so I’ve always been in the water”, Santana explains.

In the moments leading up to her goal, she felt nervous but was also super excited to make that goal for her teammates and her dad. Going into the game, she felt like she and her teammates had a good mindset of winning, which helped them succeed, “mindset definitely plays a big role in water polo because when you already get mentally defeated, the game is already over for you,” she states.

The girls did well on their counterattacks, fast swimming, and overall, really good as a team. “Being the second league game, getting into it this game was going to show how we perform the rest of the season,” Santana states. Preparing for games, the girls always text each other words of encouragement, being there for each other while also preparing mentally to win.

Santana thinks that their best play was definitely the third quarter, “it’s right after halftime, and we’re just energized to go back in and keep going at it,” she says. To them, it’s almost like a reset button on their swimming and mentality. The girls are just ready to prove that they have the win.

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