Girls Varsity Soccer Defeats Covina

January 31, 2023

On January 12, 2023, the Girl’s Varsity soccer team defeated Covina high school, 3-1, in a physical game. The game was held at the Saint’s sportsplex at 3:15, where the Saints won the coin toss and determined that they were going to start with the ball. 

The Saints got off to a rapid start in the first half, with 2nd-year varsity and 1st-year captain, senior, Alyssa Caton scoring the first goal of the game and giving the girls a 1-0 lead over Covina. When asked how it felt to score the first goal, Caton stated, “It felt great to score the first goal, as a captain, scoring the first goal put confidence in my team that we could get the job done.” Although the Saints started with some strong momentum, Covina replied back fast with a goal to tie the game 1-1. After a bit of back-and-forth defense, junior, Reagan Parkhill was able to score an impressive goal off of a volley to put the girls back in the lead 2-1 over Covina. 

After halftime, it started right where it left off, which was a very physical and defensive game. The second half was far more physical than the first half, as Covina was trying to rough their way back into the game. The Saints grew frustrated as the refs missed obvious foul calls however, freshman Sydney Stewart scored a technical goal from off her torso, after an assist from senior, Ryenn Zerbel’s corner kick. This goal gave the Saints a 3-1 lead over Covina, which was the final score of the game. 

“Scoring in the Covina game gave me a rush of emotions. Seeing myself finally accomplish one small goal I had set for myself when I first made varsity felt amazing. I know that this goal is going to be one of many, and I can’t wait to score more because I crave the excitement and rush of adrenaline from scoring. Although that rush is good, I think my favorite part about scoring was the overwhelming excitement and support my teammates showed me when I got my goal. The feeling of them showing how proud and happy they were for me made me feel so much joy and I felt accomplished in knowing I helped my team win that game,” freshman, Sydney Stewart. 

Overall, the girls played an impressive game and put themselves one step closer to achieving the league champs title.

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