The Epidemic of Senioritis for Class of 23

Class of 2023 is down with what may be the worst case of Senioritis SDHS has seen

January 31, 2023

36 Absences within the first semester? 24 plus tardies? While they say senioritis kicks in right around late March after college decisions make their way out it seems as though Class of 23 has caught an early case of it. Teachers have been the first to make this observation and even gone as far to say that seniors, particularly this class, have had some of the worst cases they have ever seen. 

The question is how have we let it come this far and why is our motivation to come to school so low? Senior, Katie Kim says, “I’ve been here for too long and it’s time for a change and I’m looking forward to college.” Many of our seniors have committed or already know what their lives will look like after graduation and are simply just eager to start living them. Ryenn Zerbel says, “I already know the future ahead of me because I’m committed so I kind of feel like this is just a waiting period.”

Much of this sentiment seems to be due to distance learning as it showed students that they are capable of maintaining academic excellence even from home. Seniors are able to keep up with assignments and lectures because of Canvas which further pushes out these feelings of being unmotivated to physically come to school. In fact, Senioritis is beginning to show in Juniors afflicted by the pandemic as well. Leilani Ignacio says, “I just kinda want to get through my day, not talk to people, do what I need to do, and go home.” 

Miss Ignacio is certainly not alone in her statement. As a senior that has been plagued by senioritis since sophomore year I am not proud to admit that there have been instances where I just miss the bell by minutes resulting in a quick U-turn at the light to study at Starbucks rather than being physically present at school. Despite my love in past years for enriching academic pursuits it seems as though high school has been dragging out and the current curriculum is simply not challenging enough to captivate the attention spans of burnt out Seniors.

Counselors have even made accommodations for those that have completed their A-G requirements allowing leniency within their schedules to have two open periods. Seniors now have the opportunity to leave as early as 12:45. Katie explains her schedule as she says, “I have two academic core classes and two elective courses then once I get out my day starts and I go to the gym and do whatever else I need to do.” With this allowance for shorter schedules there is more grace given to work efficiently in school and start to create the independent productive routine that many seek after high school. 

Gen Z is notoriously known for this kind of hyper-independence created by distance learning. Whether it be the ease of keeping up with classes from home or the immature school atmosphere or the lack of intellectually stimulating material; Seniors can all agree the fact that they are eager to start living the futures they have planned ahead of them.


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