Is Your Relationship Making It Past Valentine’s Day?

January 31, 2023

As February 14th quickly approaches, those in a relationship begin to search for the perfect “Happy Valentines Day” gift for their significant other. However, while the so-called taken ones are busy gift shopping, the Single Pringles search for a significant other for the big day of love. However, the standards and hopes of gifts and ways of love language range from a simple post to a piece of chocolate. But what if you receive neither in your “perfect” relationship?

Starting with the recently single Junior Eva Yassine, speaking from personal experiences, she confirms she would be “more than heated if my boyfriend didn’t do the least to post me on valentines day.” Yassine also gives a peek into her last Valentine’s Day and recommends we save ourselves from having one like hers. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, if your significant other posts you the day before the 14th and refuses to post you 0n Valentine’s Day, he’s either way too old school or, to our assumptions and past experiences, 100% cheating.

San Dimas love birds, Junior Kennedy Bulick, and Sophomore Vaughn Coleman explain their perspective, “I personally wouldn’t care if he didn’t post me because I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. All of the chocolates and bears, it’s kinda cheesy to me” Bulick says.

Although Bulick is one of the few females to care little about being posted or making Valentine’s Day a big shindig, her boyfriend, Vaughn Coleman, has a different perspective. However, Coleman disagrees with Kennedy, as he explains, “I would be a little sad for sure, but it would be revenge to me for not posting Kennedy on National Girlfriend’s day.”

Junior, Jasmine Bautista, and Junior, Caleb Ogden, have been together for nearly two years. They both feel secure in their relationship coming up on their second Valentine’s Day together. Bautista explains that if her boyfriend did not post anything about her, she feels like “I wouldn’t feel anything, but if he didn’t give me anything on top of it, then I would most definitely be bothered. It would be cute, but I don’t feel like it’s necessary.” Her boyfriend, Caleb Ogden, also agrees with her as he agrees, “I don’t care if she doesn’t post me as long as she acknowledges it.”

Onto the next couple, going on a year and four months, Junior’s Anthony Chico and Ava Sanchez are on to sharing their second Valentine’s Day together. Ava shares, “I feel like Valentine’s Day is not as important as our anniversary, but since he didn’t post me for our one year, last years Valentine’s, or like ever, if he fails to do so again, I won’t post him a day in my life.” So Chico, take this as a threat, respectfully.

Junior Kasen Khansarinia says, “I wouldn’t be too upset with it because it’s more important to spend time together than to go around and post it on social media. Everyone knows it is Valentine’s Day, so what’s more important to me is that we, as a couple, recognize the day together and spend more quality time appreciating one another. Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts, posts on social media, or anything like that; it’s definitely about appreciating your partner and showing love for them.” Although the response is a different take from the rest of our San Dimas couples, Kasen has a good look at the most critical aspect of Valentine’s Day.

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is clear that there are two points of view to the idea of Valentine’s Day and posting your loved one, but I would say the safe route is to post. Have a great Valentine’s day, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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