The Art of Dance

December 12, 2018

The advanced dance class put on their sixth annual dance showcase on Friday, Nov. 30 at the Bonita Center For The Arts. Family and friends gathered for the amazing production that displayed various genres of dance such as graceful contemporary, hard-hitting hip-hop, and upbeat jazz. All in which were original choreography from the advanced students themselves in forms of groups, trios, duos, and solos.

Theses hardworking Saints put in countless hours both in and outside of the class to give the audience a sense of what dance is all about. Sophomore, Mia Lee, choreographed a lovely contemporary group number to the song “Too good at Goodbyes“ by Sam Smith. “It was difficult at times but it was fun trying to make up new choreography, and I enjoyed being able to work with my friends”, Lee said proudly regarding the pressure of her routine.

Senior, Sarah Brown, explains the dramatic story portrayed in her contemporary duo with one of her best friends. “The song was called love in the dark and it was about a relationship, but one person doesn’t want to make it public, but the other person does and they’re like ‘well I just can’t do that anymore so I’m going to cut you off. Bye’.” Brown said.

Closing the show, Saints were immersed into the Christmas spirit by watching the dancers take on their own funny version of the iconic Jingle Bell Rock scene from the movie Mean Girls. Sophomore, Brynn, fills us in on what sparked the idea, “I wanted to do something fun and make people laugh”. These talented students sure know how to entertain and get the audience in the holiday season!

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