Eleven Boys Make San Dimas History

San Dimas Boys Soccer Team Finally Defeat Bonita In a 1-0 Victory

December 12, 2018

Ninety minutes to make San Dimas history for the boy’s soccer team.

Coach LeVay, the San Dimas High School Varsity Boy’s Soccer Coach, has been training the team for years to finally beat the Bonita Bearcats. As a Bonita High School alumni, Coach LeVay was prepared for an emotional and important game.

A cold breeze blew through the night, the lights shined on the pine green turf, and the people exhaled a cold cloud of readiness to support their boys. Parents and friends had been cheering on the team even before the eighty minutes initiated. After a completely dedicated warm up, it was game time. The boys put on their shin guards, laced up their cleats, and it went time.

Eleven players on each side, some in blue, and the others in white. The players were in their positions, with San Dimas lining up in a 4-3-3 formation. Four defenders in the back, three midfielders, and three forwards searching for a way to put the ball in the back of their opponent’s net.

San Dimas was dominating the first half with maintaining possession of the ball and making sure they were comfortable. Early on in the game, a free-kick was awarded to San Dimas, which Fernando Hernandez decided to cross to Aidan Ferguson, but Hernandez was unable to convert the opportunity.

A play later developed from the defensive side, Ferguson set himself up with a touch and placed his foot behind the ball. He followed through the shot, and the crowd couldn’t believe it. Ferguson had scored the game-winner against Bonita. Now the challenge was maintaining the lead.

The defense had Bonita on lock down, Aidan Phipps and Niko Buccola were on top of their game. No balls were able to get passed them. Luke Willett also used his pace and strength to keep opportunities at a minimum for Bonita. Captain Cesar Duran dropped back to support defense, even with busted lips. Andrew Cox tanked it down and showed Bonita he wasn’t one to be messed with. Always attentive throughout the game was goalkeeper Luke LeVay who had big moments in a big game.

Eighty minutes were up and the referee blew the final whistle. Saints had beat rivals Bonita for the first time in twenty-five years! A game no one will forget anytime soon. A historic moment for San Dimas, and it only means things can go better from this point on.

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