The Importance of Art on Campus

December 13, 2018

If you cut art programs you’re taking away a part of what people and society need to be cultured.”

— Mrs. Ingram

The integration of art into a high school curriculum is often treated as a luxury rather than a necessity. When discussing funding, the needs of art programs are quickly dismissed and cuts are made in order to focus more on core classes. The need for classes like art, dance, or music is often overlooked because of the faulty misconception that art will not provide the student with any “necessary” skills.

Studying the arts is immensely important for students and all of humanity. Art is a form of mindful expression, it enhances cultural appreciation, and can improve learning in all other areas. “If you cut art programs you’re taking away a part of what people and society need to be cultured. All art forms are a form of creating a cultured person.” said dance teacher, Mrs. Ingram.

Art classes are often the only opportunities students have to be creative and express themselves. Art is a way to enrich life; it allows us to grow in our understanding of ourselves, of each other, and of the world. The need for this opportunity is too hastily dismissed. Art teacher, Mr. Black, says, “Spending a few minutes or hours just looking at something natural and trying to recreate it, that’s a lot. It’s a time to kind of reflect on our reason for being on earth.”

Art encourages students to challenge themselves. This mindset will carry on and continue to influence the rest of their academic career. It’ll help learners develop creative problem-solving skills and higher levels of thinking. The benefits of art classes shouldn’t be ignored. Whether it’s sculpting, dancing, painting, or singing, art promotes the growth of each human being and of society as a whole.

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