Meet our Neweset Counselor: Mrs. Bravo

The Newest Addition to our Saint Staff, Mrs. Bravo.

March 31, 2023

On February 1st, 2023, San Dimas High School officially hired a new counselor, Mrs. Bravo. She has been a counselor for eight years and is also a teacher at The University of La Verne, teaching as an adjunct instructor.

So far she he has been ‘oving San Dimas, especially the fantastic staff. “I love it. I love the people here, our teachers, our students. Everyone is just so incredible,” she states. She loved how happy everyone was at San Dimas. Everyone she interacts with is happy, always making jokes and laughing; San Dimas is a strong team overall. Describing the environment at San Dimas High School, she says, “Everyone here is just to help and support each other, it’s just a team, it’s never you doing things on your own, that team effort is huge.”

A little about Bravo is that she loves to do activities with her kids, such as going to the beach and swimming, going to sporting events (her family loves the Dodgers and Liverpool FC), and going on road trips. Bravo is a hopeful and supportive person going through hardships, she always looks at that light, and that hope that things will be okay; she wants to be that for the students, and even be her own hopeful reminder is something that she holds onto. Her biggest motivators are her children, “I get up every morning, and I want to be the best version of myself for them,” she states.

She chose to work at San Dimas High School because she loves the community and the city, “I am passionate about my community, so as much as I loved the other cities I worked for, I wanted to work and support my city,” she explains. Bravo loves being a counselor because she loves working with students, and her personal experience from her high school years with her school counselor plays a big part in why she wanted to become a counselor.

Bravo is a first-generation college student as both of her parents were born and raised in Mexico and didn’t understand the American education system, “Being a student and not having my parents understand how to support me, but having my counselor be that person that motivated me, believed in me, helped me, and guided me is something I held onto,” she explains.

That inspired her to become a counselor since she wanted to become that person for students that may not have that support at home. Bravo loves working with students, talking to them academically, helping them overcome struggles, and giving them the resources and support they need to reach their academic goals and become successful is a huge part of why she loves doing her job.

“I hope to be that bridge for students to go from San Dimas High School to that goal that they want to pursue post-high school,” Bravo states. With whatever students want to pursue after high school, Bravo wants to help them get there and be that support and guidance that students need and give them the resources they need as well to get to their goals.

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