E-Waste at SDHS

March 31, 2023

Events surrounding fundraising come in many different forms in 2023. Food drives, can drives, clothing drives, oh my! But a relatively new concept is E-waste, which is when electronic products are either recycled or given a new life, as opposed to ending up in landfills. SDHS’s PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) held an E-Waste Event on Saturday, March 11 at SDHS. 

The event was held in the parking lot of SDHS. Cars would pull up and then be assisted by a team of parent volunteers to get her their electronics from the car. The adult volunteers of PTSA worked through the rain and cold to be able to recycle the donated computers and televisions.

When asked about the turnout and overall event, PTSA president and mother of SDHS students Maria Hernandez said, “This turnout seems to be pretty good. A lot of sponsors came in. We had the sheriff coming in, and we also had a couple of our electronics that we have used from the companies that came in. So hey, it turned out pretty good.” She also noted that this was the second E-Waste event that was put on within the Bonita Unified School District, but the first to be held at SDHS.

E-Waste is important because of the heavy metals and toxic substances, such as lead and copper. Many old electronics that aren’t used end up in landfills and can cause environmental damage. By recycling these electronics, you are reducing pollution and the use of energy that would be a result of a newly manufactured product. The company that recycles these electronics is Secure E-Waste Destruction

This event was a great reminder to be more mindful of one’s environmental footprint. Recycling one’s electronics has never been more important than now with the life spans of devices becoming shorter and shorter. The valuable materials that are reclaimed through this process are without a doubt valuable. As the famous phrase goes, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

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