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How Seniors are Making College Decisions

March is women's history month as well as college acceptance season how are seniors basing their decisions this month?

March 31, 2023


As March approaches and college acceptances roll out, the class of 23 is tasked with choosing the right path in their own journey but what factors determine the college they will choose? Everyone has a different reason for wanting to pursue a collegiate career and while a 4-year path after high school may not be entirely the best fit for everyone there is certainly a trend in the deciding factors that guide college decision making. 

Location, tuition cost, prestige, and social scene all seem to be the main driving factors behind choosing the college that is right for you but the most important thing might just be knowing yourself and what your values are. Many students might consider an illustrious location like New York city for a completely different culturally rich environment and the plethora of job opportunities but others might find comfort in a location closer to home to take care of family or build a future in the familiarity of home. 

Senior, Katie Kim, explains exactly what factors she is looking for in her future university, “I want to be able to have a little distance away from what I’ve called home for my whole life so I can experience a new environment but close enough to where I can come back like twice a month. Good school spirit is also important to me. I want to feel like it’s a place where I belong.” 

As far as prestige is concerned, the pressure to go to an “elite” institution only seems to grow as the acceptance rates only get narrower. For students who have held themselves to high academic standards since the beginning of their academic career it is completely understandable to want to be recognized for these accomplishments and reap all the academic rewards you have earned. Katie says that she comes from a family with high expectations and has high expectations for herself, “I believe the effort you put in is what comes out so going to a prestigious university would be like validation or an accomplishment for that work.” 

Despite the elite college names, taking the step towards furthering your education and career is an achievement in and of itself. Whether it be a four-year or two-year university, knowing you have options is essential to getting closer to any career goals and creating the future that you want. Consider factors like how strong the program for your major is or how well you see yourself fitting into the social scene on campus. In the end, it’s all about finding the right college that will fit your needs and match the kind of community you want to live in.

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