Golf Team’s Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

March 31, 2023

On February 27, 2023, the Varsity Golf team took a trip to the Srixon/Cleveland Golf- Corporate Headquarters, in Huntington Beach. 

When asked how did the plan come to fruition, coach Jason Clark states, “I was absolutely taken back when J.J. Spaun reached out to me initially. We spoke for about 10 minutes discussing how many players were on the team, scheduling for the trip, and contact information for Rodney McDonald. J.J. is such an amazing person, and wanting to give back to his alma mater in such a way is extremely admirable. The opportunity for our golf program to visit the Srixon/Cleveland factory and corporate offices was priceless. Seeing the other side of the game was insightful, exciting, and memorable. None of this would be possible without our amazing student-athletes.”

When they arrived the team was greeted by the Vice President of Tour Operations, Rodney McDonald. It was absolutely mind-blowing how well they were treated when they arrived at the corporate headquarters. Especially receiving a tour of the entire facility from a person such as Mr. McDonald. When looking back on the trip, Freshman, Ryan Morris stated, “The tour of the Srixon facility was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being able to see how Srixon makes their clubs and the history of the clubs was amazing.”   

Not only was the golf team there to tour the facility, but also to get a sneak peek at the free sets of irons being gifted by J.J. Spuan. After finding out that the team was receiving new clubs, first-year Junior, Adrian Nazzal stated, “When I first heard that we were being gifted brand new sets of irons I was sitting next to my teammate Ryan and we both looked at each other in awe with our jaws dropped. I didn’t know what to think. Things like this seem to only happen in movies and made-up stories, yet now it’s happening to me in reality. I was stunned and extremely thankful for J.J. Spaun since he really didn’t have to do this for us at all.”

The golf team is beyond thankful for this insanely rare opportunity. “This experience was a core memory from my high school years and something for which I will forever be grateful,” stated, Senior, Jacob Thai. 

None of this would have been possible without the help of former San Dimas Saint, and professional PGA Tour Golfer J.J. Spuan.

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