A Trip to 5th Grade



On March 2nd, 2023 Mrs.Webb took a total of 10 students to La Verne Heights Elementary School to read to young students from TK all the way to 5th grade. These students not only had the opportunity to welcome upper-class students from a neighboring school but also got to enjoy the festivities of pajama day. Taking part in stories while wrapped up in a blanket brought from home and eating donuts must have felt not only warming to the younger students but also nostalgic to the upperclassman as they near the end of their high school years.

Leading up to the trip students were hesitant to read to students who were younger than them for whatever reasons until those feelings were quickly overcome by the warm welcomes of the younger students and teachers. Each student was eager to pick an upperclassman not one hesitant hand when asked who would like to be paired with one of them. These quick and meaningful interactions with students who wonder what it’s like to be in high school and those reflecting back on their days before high school were able to leave all students of all ages with a smile on their faces.

When trying to get some insight into the motivation for this trip Mrs.Webb explained she hoped her students would be able to take away something from this trip, “When you give back to others it helps you feel good inside and builds your self-esteem. I was also hoping they would have a  positive memory to look back on.” Considering seniors are near the end of their high school adventure, reading may not be at the top of their to-do list. Reading and interacting with the younger generation may help them to gain a more positive perspective on literature and reading.