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Finish With Pride

The Saints end their season with an overall record of 9-3

December 13, 2018

On the evening of November 9, the SDHS Football Stadium was filling with people ready to watch round 2 of the CIF Southern Sectional High School Football Playoffs. The San Dimas Saints were preparing to face Kaiser High School who at the time had a record of 10-1.

Senior Defensive Lineman, Chris Nageer, explains, “The vibe of the room was tense, but that’s kind of how it is before CIF games.” He continued saying, “We  thought that [Kaiser] was a solid team, but we knew we could compete.” Kick off was promptly at 7 pm where the Saints would receive the ball and make an eighty-yard run. Neither team was able to capitalize or take advantage, ending the first quarter with the score 0-0.

The stands of San Dimas were filled with supporters who were hoping for the first score of the night in the second quarter. To their misfortune, Kaiser player, Christian Hunter, successfully made an 8 yd. rushing touchdown with seven minutes left in the second quarter. Touchdown was followed by a successful field goal adding to their score 0-7.

Plays later, the Tigers were able to complete another touchdown and field goal making their score 0-14 with under a minute to go. Nageer comments in regard to game performance, “I wish we could have changed the tempo of the game. Maybe we could’ve come out more fierce.” At the end of the half, the Tigers stay in the lead at 0-14.

Third quarter starts with a San Dimas kick off to Kaiser. The start of the second went by quick with neither team able to score. With Nageer playing his last year of high school football he reflects on the memories, “I have enjoyed playing football because of the family I have made with my teammates. I will always carry that with me.” He goes on by saying, “I will also keep the passion and love I have for the sport deep in my heart and carry it all the way to the NFL, I love the Los Angeles Chargers.”

The fourth quarter begins and around the eight-minute mark, Christian Hunter of the Tigers once again completes a 14 yd. touchdown run and kicker Joseph Glenn scores a field goal with a score of 0-21. Not too long after, Kaiser scores again, gaining a 28 point lead over the Saints.

At one of the final plays of the game, the Saints were able to make a play and score a 52 yd. touchdown, making on the board with under a minute to play but miss the extra point and a final score of 6-28. Nageer expressed his thoughts about after the game saying, “We were sad, but also knew we tried and had a good season. In the end, I felt loved by my teammates which ended my high school football experience on a high note.” The Saints ended their season with an overall record of 9-3.


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