Sports Medicine Competition

San Dimas High School Athletic Training Goes to Mt. SAC to Test Their Knowledge!

March 31, 2023

On Saturday, March 18th, the San Dimas High School Sports Medince group went to Mt. SAC to compete for a title against numerous other schools around their district. This competition was based on a series of tests that proved the level of intelligence that each group had about the knowledge they had received in their sports-medicine education. The preparation that each participant had taken to get ready for the competition was a four-month training, which included concepts of injuries, anatomy, and other medical notions. 

Sports medicine is a club that deals with sports injuries on and off the field based on the knowledge they have required from their class. The students are tested based on their abilities to aid minor to major injuries by physical tests on their classmates as a way to prepare them for problems they might encounter on the field or the court. Each sporting event that they attend trains the students for specific events such as the Mt. SAC competition and future sports games.

A total of eight people went to this competition that trained for months beforehand. Junior Rylie Rodiguez says, “We started studying in November and we got the body part we needed to specialize in during January. From there we learned and went over special tests, palpations, bones, and muscles in that area.” The long study period pushed important information and educational information into the student’s curriculum. The many topics that sport medicine go over educate them about certain college curriculums and other educational programs. 

The test itself was based on numerous amount of topics that the students had been informed of in their years of taking the class. Junior Aaliyah Franco says, “The test was not what I had expected because we specify a specific part of the body which this year was the foot, ankle, and lower extremities. This year they did not focus so much on that for the written exam but more on the whole body, such as drugs along with certifications, and about the athletic trainer job itself.” The San Dimas Sports Medicine program teaches and develops important topics that can be beneficial to students later in their lives. 

From the Mt. SAC competition, they have yet to know the results and place they earned, but they do know that they will be competing in nationals in May 2023.

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