Get Fit with the Saints

Saints share there health journeys.

March 31, 2023

With going to the gym and fitness becoming a big part of peoples’ lives, getting in a workout and eating healthy becomes consistent in a lot of Saint’s everyday routines. Being involved with a fitness journey takes a lot of time, patience, and discipline in order to cast results. A couple of students at San Dimas have embarked on their journeys and haven’t looked back since.

Getting active and bringing yourself to put in that extra mile whether it be lifting heavy dumbbells or climbing the stair master is not always the easiest thing to stay motivated with. More and more people have slowly been involved with going to the gym in their nice outfits such as Nike Blazers, Gymshark leggings, and oversized t-shirts. Even after a long day of school, ASB activities, or working a shift at a job, the Saints still put their best foot forward to make their health a priority. Let’s not forget how much squeezing in a late night gym session can relieve stress while releasing endorphins into the body.

Students that stood out with a health and fitness journey here are senior dancer Karen Bourklarian (12) and ASB president Jaiden Miranda (12). Both students have excelled academically as well as outside of their classroom where their fitness gains have shown immensely. 

Jaiden Miranda (12) shares a little on his journey of weight loss and muscle gain that rooted from the beginning of quarantine. Quarantine was a period of time where a lot of students started their journeys and haven’t looked back since. Jaiden would “curl packs of water bottles” and go for long runs at the start of his journey that got him down. Jaiden even mentions a little about the diet he follows which consists of high protein and lots of lean meat. Now, even with his every day activities, Jaiden makes time for his goals whether it be before school or after which got him down over 80 pounds while at the same time gaining lean muscle mass. Jaiden breaks down that the “hardest part about sticking to a meal plan and workout split is not getting caught up with numbers and calories, but focusing more on how I feel and the body recomposition that comes along with it.”

Karen Bourklarian (12) shares a somewhat similar story with Jaiden. Her turning point was in late July of 2020. Karen, “wasn’t happy with her body and wanted to do something about it and that’s what got me to eat healthier and make my way back to the gym.” One of the biggest reasons that keeps people away from this lifestyle is they don’t know where to start and don’t have the right guidance to get themselves where they want. Karen in fact struggled with the same adversity in the beginning where she, “didn’t know exactly what she was doing but started the Keto diet.” To Karen that was a good foundation to her weight loss. Walking played a big role as Karen describes them as “Hot girl walks.” Karen likes to throw her airpods on and listen to Taylor Swift as she walks miles at a time outside. 

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