Humans of SD – Beatrice See


By Kali Brace, Staff Writer

“In regards to my role models, I have quite a few people that come to mind. I look up to my mother, for she
is the kindest and most generous person I know. She always is thinking of others before herself and she
always has a smile on her face; everyday I try to be more like her. Both of my older sisters are amazing
role models because they give me valuable advice since they want the best for me. My sisters inspired me
to join ASB when I was in middle school, and I am incredibly grateful for that; I’m still in ASB as a high
school junior and I love it so much. My oldest sister Breanne is super smart and responsible while my
other sister Bernadine is tough and strong-willed, and these are qualities of theirs that I admire and want
to emulate. My second-period teacher and ASB Advisor, Mrs. Carson, is another role model of mine
because she is super hard working and she stays calm even when she has a lot on her plate; as a
student, when I feel like I am overwhelmed with work, I think about Mrs. Carson and how she exemplifies
that if you are determined and work hard, then you can overcome any obstacles you face. In addition to
these four, Angela Kim (Senior at SDHS) is a role model that comes to mind because she is so caring
about her friends and she is efficient when it comes to her schoolwork. She makes me laugh every day
and I look up to her because she has the ability to make someone smile and feel better.” – Junior, Beatrice See