Drumline Semi-Finals

How is drumline doing in competition?

May 1, 2023

Drumline has been competing in their own season as well as colorguard and Drumline has been able to get 3 plaques for making it on the podium and scored over 70 for most of their comps. Drumline went out to semi-finals on the 15th and got 3rd place out of 6 in their division and were able to not only score a 73.6 which was one of their highest scores yet but also make it to finals with a variety of other groups. 

Eduardo Torrez the drumline coach explains the work the drumline does to maintain their scores. ” Drumline is a place any person should be able to have fun but also when we get to practice there is a sense of urgency because we aren’t competing just so we could lose, we are competing so we could put out our best efforts as a whole. We are always working so the students can be proud of their work but we can’t want it for them they have to be able to want it for themselves they have to strive to win they have to strive to be the best.”

Torrez continues to speak on how even though they want the students to win they cant make them try or make them want it, it has to come from the students.

Torrez then gives his opinion on the drumlines season so far, “The drumline has been doing a fantastic job this year, this year has been a year for the arts that will be remembered for years and years to come, but the drumline making big strides not only during marching season but also their own winter season. Our semi-finals run was one of our best runs yet, and I’m looking at it from not only sound wise but the heart and emotion they put into what they do and the emotion they make not only me but also the audience feel.”

The drumline has done a fantastic job along with the color guard, their seasons’ aren’t over yet, but they will continue to work as hard as they possibly can to be proud of their work as well as the instructors.

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