The Cardboard Regatta

May 1, 2023

This year’s Cardboard Regatta took place on April 13th. Every year students huddle together around the Swim And Racquet Club pool in anticipation of the Cardboard Regatta awaiting the race’s start and the winner. Although the Juniors finished first, they were disqualified and the Seniors won.

The Seniors BoatBefore the race took place there were many preparations to take into consideration. Each team must strategize to find a boat that would move the fastest and not sink. Preparations were made in the quad only a day before the Regatta. Teams made boats that followed guidelines. Said guidelines were to make the boat solely out of duct tape and cardboard. In addition to this, they had to find the perfect person to take the boat from one side of the pool to the other. The majority of groups chose this person based on weight and size. As to not weigh down the boat. Another rule of the Regatta was to not go outside the boat and touch the water. 

As the race began, two clear teams were in the lead: the Juniors and the Seniors, with the Freshmen following from a close distance. The Sophomore team did not move from the start during the entirety of the Regatta, they eventually started spinning their boat however they were unable to move forward. As both Juniors and Seniors came closer to the end line, the Juniors team paddler, Beatrice threw her paddle. She revealed hand paddles and she began paddling with her hands. Although she lead the team to the finish line the fastest she violated the policies of the Cardboard Regatta meaning that the team did not win. The Seniors who placed 2nd won by default, earning them Clash points. 

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