Why The Barbie Movie Will Be The Movie Of The Summer

Will This Barbie kick off Summer 2023?

May 1, 2023

Since 1959 the name Barbie has been prevalent in the media. From dolls to movies, to clothing brands, the name Barbie has served as an iconic figure for people around the world. With the new movie coming out in July of 2023, the hype will make it the film of the summer.

From the Minions movie to The Boys, to Morbius, Generation Z has made it a habit of using social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter to make jokes and memes to create a cloud of hype around movies that are yet to come out.

With the recent trend of “This Barbie” memes, influencers, and day-to-day users have taken part in making themselves or other popular characters into ‘This Barbie’ icons where they show that anyone can be a “Barbie girl in a Barbie world”. From captions like “This Barbie is in her eras era” (about Taylor Swift’s current era) to “This Barbie is the way” (about The Mandalorian, from the Star Wars Series) fans have gone fanatics over this template and continue to dish out their barbie images.

I need to know everything about this shot. How many takes, if she held onto something, was she harnessed, is the landing mark sticky, are they her feet, who did the pedicure, really just a documentary on this shot

— Chrissy Teigen

Despite all this hype, the internet has been giving this movie, Gen Z isn’t the only reason the public is raving over this.

About a year after the first-ever Barbie doll was released buzz formed around it as young girls flocked to buy the doll and the various outfits the doll came with. In 1981 society was changed when the first ever black Barbie was introduced and ever since then Barbie has adapted and changed throughout the decades to cater to the different audiences and social moments that occur such as the Barbie fashionista with a wheelchair in 2019 and the transgender Barbie in 2022.

With every detail that is dropped from small things as new pictures from the set to the iconic Barbie foot scene fans such as Chrissy Teagan are going gaga over the hype builds.


Upon the announcement of the A-list cast members such as Ryan Gosling and Dua Lipa different fan bases and audiences will be drawn to this movie with


This PG-13 film is about a journey of self-discovery as Barbie gets kicked out of Barbieland for breaking the rules of what a doll is supposed to look and act like and as she goes on a quest in the real world she realizes that happiness doesn’t rely on perfection and has to save Barbieland from an awful fate.



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