San Dimas Drama Department’s “High School Musical” Production

A production of "The High School Musical" directed by Kelly Kocalis and played and put together by our Saint actors and crew members.

May 1, 2023

Our San Dimas drama club’s long-awaited production of High School Musical was brought to the stage for its opening night performance on April 12th. For months, the director Ms.Kocalis, the cast, and crew had been hard at work. They had been preparing not just their lines, but also multiple costume changes, wig appliances, making the sets, and refining every aspect. Their hard work was undeniably visible throughout their performances, as they put on a beautiful and engaging show for their audiences to enjoy. 

Now for an inside scoop from our cast on what their favorite memories, on and off the stage are. Junior Steve Moreno who played the love interest and basketball jock known as “Troy Bolton”, expresses, “I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m super excited for our next upcoming show (The Variety Show). The theme is SD rewind, and we’re bringing back a bunch of alumni. It’s going to be so fun so it distracts me from that post-show feeling.” As shown, our fellow Saint thespians are always busy whether it’s preparing, rehearsing, or performing a new show. 

They get to acquire and experience so many memories and grasp onto keepsakes of each show, which is a gift you take with you because they are always on the road. Moreno tells us about his best night, which has become one of his treasured memories. “My favorite night was opening night because it was the most fun I had backstage,” he explained. That feeling of excitement and buildup can’t compare to anything else when performing for people.”

The adrenaline rush and build-up of finally being able to share with the public what you have been preparing for months is a feeling that few comprehend until they are backstage and behind those curtains, with seconds until you enter the stage. 

From another inside perspective, Sophomore Brielle Salas, who played the female lead role “Gabriella Montez ” shared her feeling on the final end of the show. She explains, “It is very bittersweet. On the one hand I miss seeing the cast every day. On the other hand, it’s rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off.” When asked what her favorite show was, she said “closing night because everyone is trying to savor the final show, and there is a lot less pressure and stress on the show going perfect.” Imagining it is close to a final chapter, it must be a fun and last game to perform. 

With only one cast, the cast never gets to see the act from the audience’s point of view, but Salas adds her favorite memory, which gives the actors a new side of the play. She says “the table read is my favorite memory. The first time reading the show is always fun because it’s one of our only chances to behave as the audience.”

This production was a remarkable, enjoyable, and wonderful experience not only for the cast, crew, and director Ms. Kocalis, but also for the audience. It was really nicely cast and put together, and it was a wonderful experience for both cast and audience members. They are prepared to bring the next performance to life, and the audience is anticipating the excitement of the new show.

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