Saints Get Into Summer Programs

May 1, 2023

As the 2022-2023 school year ends, students are getting accepted into summer programs because of their work ethic, grades, and other certain criteria that they exceeded. From these summer programs, some students are hand-picked and provided with scholarships directly from the school itself. During these summer programs, students stay in dorms at the college they applied to and take limited classes that fit into the genre of their choice. 

Junior, Natalia Lopez was accepted into a summer program from MIT’s Minority Introduction to Engineering, and Science in Massachusetts. MITES has a summer program every year, having their acceptance rate being only 3% this year. Lopez says that “MITES was just another one of those 7th-grade dreams, but now it is very real, and I am ecstatic to represent my community at a prestigious institution like MIT.” While there, students take five math, science, and humanities courses, which are spent with world-renowned professors. 

Junior Leilani Ignacio is spending time this summer at Harvard University in Massachusetts to expand on her learning experience specializing in life after high school. Harvard’s summer program offers students an ideal opportunity to earn college credits and grasp on to the knowledge studies that will help students in future years. “Growing up, I was always told that Harvard was the best school I could attend,” Ignacio says, “in a way, it was glorified for me, and I had always dreamed of going to any Ivy League, especially Harvard because I visited in 2021 and fell in love with everything about it.” The summer program at Harvard has a two-week pre-college program, along with a seven-week secondary program that is both attendable. 

Summer programs are an altruistic approach to receiving education about college, or even life after high school, while still developing the idea of what students want to be when they graduate. These college programs are available and encouraged to everyone. Most of the deadlines for summer programs have been set and will not be extended again till next year, but that leaves time for students to prepare for the next step in their learning experiences.

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