A Scholar Athlete

A scholar athlete is someone who is a responsible student and also a hard working individual, they are able to balance two of the most important things to them in high school together, which is their dedication to school work and their sport.

May 1, 2023

 At San Dimas high school, we recognize Scholar-Athletes for their hard work and dedication to doing the absolute best they can. It takes diligence and a stable attitude to do what they love and still do amazing in school, so we honour these students with an end-of-the-year scholar-athlete banquet for those whose academic and athletic careers have truly been exemplary.
A scholar-athlete is a student who is in one or multiple sports and can maintain an average GPA of 3.3; most of the students have a great attitude and get into their college of choice or even able to commit to colleges to continue their education and sport. In order to do that, you not only need to be quite skilled at your selected sport but to get into a good college it is essential to have good grades.
Though this seems like an easy task to complete, some students explain that they have to use up all their time and energy in order to meet the standards they have made for themselves, which can be very difficult. A junior at San Dimas Maddie Hass exclaimed, “It can take a lot of work and really push my mental health to the limit”. Another Kennedy Bulick, has spoken about, “A Lot of time is spent on my sports, about 6 hours spent on practice and 4 games is our weekly schedule”.
Though there are rough parts of succeeding, the positives can also help highlight your high school career as there are far more achievements to be received if you put in your best efforts. A senior, with a 3.7 GPA says, “It can really help boost your college acceptance rate because the admission officers like to see that you can balance your daily life with different things ”. Other students also enjoy being able to play for the school, one saying, “I love being able to represent our school and playing with other kids from the same school”.
A part of helping to make you a scholar athlete is being able to help focus on yourself, and not doing things just for others but for yourself as well. Sofia has said, A senior, Sofia Apolinario has said, “The best thing that has worked for me is to learn how to balance my commitments. Finding a balance that works best for you will help you feel prepared and ready to take on your busy schedule. It is also important that you will not only need to balance your studies and practices but also your social life”.Of course, living out the rest of your teenage years without giving a care in the world would be a dream, but it would hurt your transcript and your college of choice for the next step you take in life. 

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