Humans of SD – Katelynn Carnighan


How do you balance your work ethic and your sport 

“My work ethic and dance team are 2 things I have to keep up with. Waking up early in the morning as well as long practices after school, you would think it would be hard but it is not. All I need is time management, I mean yeah it gets tiring but it’s what I love to do. I have to keep pushing to achieve what I want. I need to have goals in order to keep going. Without dance and grades it would be easy, and its not fun if it’s easy Dance and school have a huge affect on my mental health. There’s times when I’m not able to finish my homework because of how tired I am. It’s hard to keep up with everything and I gets overwhelming to the point of stress. I’ve learned that grades aren’t going to get me where I want. It’s my dedication. Dance is what I want to do and although it gets stressful I’m going keep working to get better”.