Saints 2023 Summer Bucket List

Need ideas for a fun summer break? The Saint Scroll is here to help.

May 31, 2023

As hot summer days quickly approach, San Dimas Saints wonder what to do with their sun filled break. The Saint Scroll is here to give out 10 summer bucket list ideas to fill your long days with some fun.

1. Go to the beach and end the day with a bonfire

It wouldn’t be summer without going to the beach. Make sure to bring blankets, books, speakers, floaties, and smores. Don’t forget a digital or film camera to document everything and take the cutest pictures.

2.Go to the drive in movies

Although the drive in movies aren’t as popular anymore, they still make a fun hangout. Also bring lots of blankets and pillows plus yummy snacks.

3. Learn a new activity

Be active and learn something new while summer break days pass by. Try a new sport or hobby such as surfing or baking. Summer break is definitely the time to learn something new and fun.

4. Bake something yummy

Baking cookies or brownies is never hard and always has a yummy outcome. Either from the box or scratch, you can always share these desserts with your friends or family.

5. Go on a walk or a hike

There are so many local trails by here such as the Bonelli Park one or even the Claremont Loop. Take a friend or blast music in your earbuds while looking at the beautiful scenery. Make sure to bring some water and sunglasses. Reward yourself with a smoothie or acai bowl afterwards.

6. Volunteer somewhere

Volunteer at the local pet shelter or church to help out in the community. It could also be just simple as holding a park or beach cleanup with your friends.

7. Host a summer lunch party

Invite your friends over for a cute brunch party. Have everyone dress up and bring good food such as pasta, fruits, salads, pizza, pie, etc. Set up a table outside with beautiful decor such as fairy lights or balloons or even just as simple as flowers everywhere.

8. Go for a late night swim

Whether its at a pool or the ocean, take a dip and just have fun with your friends or simply relax and float.

9. Make it a habit to watch the sunrise, sunset, or both.

It doesn’t have to be everyday but it’s always calming to watch either sunrise or sunset. A good start or ending to the day. Just sit in the car or a comfortable place and just watch and appreciate our world.

10. Explore a beach town

Whether it is just shopping at the Santa Monica pier or taking the Laguna trolley, exploring those beach areas are always fun and you will always find something fun. Bring a camera to take fun pictures to post on Instagram or just to look back on. Those places always have good food and desserts or mini shops. Also make new friends while you’re there, it couldn’t hurt.


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