May 31, 2023

The SDHS Visual Communications class is a class that teaches the type of communication which uses images, diagrams, designs, charts, and graphs to transfer information. The Viscom of SDHS taught by Mr. Murray used their skills to make Clash shirts. Last year, they designed them around the theme of Sesame Street, and this year they designed shirts with the clash theme of different social medias. 

Mr. Murray used to be the regional director of marketing for the Red Robin of Socal. His role was helpful to Red Robin with his promotions and advertisements that he created with the knowledge of how to use viscom effectively.

Visual communications is important, especially in a capitalistic world where everyone needs to create a brand for themselves and Mr. Murray agrees by saying “Nobody is going to go somewhere or wear something that isn’t visually appealing to them.”

They’ve designed most of San Dimas’s school shirts except the Every 15 Minutes shirts which are done by Mr. Black’s students. However, the things Mr. Murray’s students take care of include Renaissance, grad night shirts, class of 2023 shirts, ASB designs, and senior merch. They’ve done the Saints wrestling design, saint shirts, sesame street logos, and even the scoreboard.

Having a world run on capitalism, means having a world run on profit, which farther emphasizes the importance of having brand. In order to have an aim or goal that you have enough passion and focus for to profit off of in this world, being able to see the beauty in everything is important; good visual communications contributes to more people being able to see the beauty and appeal in more things. Education has become easier to get a hold of with time, so now it is still an asset as it always will be , but it’s not that rare of an asset. That’s why having an appealing brand is equally as important.

They even rebranded the new logo for SDHS this year. The San Dimas logo has been changed through multiple years by Mr. Murray’s visual communications class and the Saints cafe shirt was also created.  

In the class, they also do modeling and create things that can be attached, like plaques and trophies. It’s a place where students can develop themselves, including their own brands and gifts to give to friends. 3D printing is a useful thing that is taught, especially for people that are more interested in architecture or engineering instead of using visual communications for art. 

The mission of San Dimas High School is represented through one of their logos that says SD and Unity, which also represents the “saints value saints.” 

Mr. Murray says “I try to make viscom not just a useful tool for artists, but also for those really analytical type of engineer minds. We try to be as helpful as possible with designing logos and clothing that students at this school enjoy wearing.”



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