CLASH 2023

May 31, 2023

At San Dimas High School, the fiercest rivalry and most competitive event has come and gone. Clash 2023 consisted of classes that will participate in activities ranging from “human table” to quizzes and student choreographed dances. Only one of the four determined classes will win. Who is it going to be? Will the Seniors finally seize what they believe is rightfully theirs? Word says the Juniors have a chance of a back-to-back win. Or will the underclassmen outperform the upperclassmen and take the victory? As always, may the best class win.

To the seniors’ relief, they easily won. With a score that beat the second-place finishers, the juniors, by over 200 points, it is safe to conclude. 

Clash included a few activities that put our Saints’ strength to the test, beginning with tire tug and Kajabe can-can. The competition between all classes appeared to be fierce, but it was evident through the student choreography.

d dances. The Seniors and Juniors tied for first place in the dance competition, both getting 150 points. Despite the students disagreements regarding the results, both turned out wonderful and with a lot of originality.

The cheer mats that remained on the floor were rolled aside once the dances were completed, and the real competition began. The Junior girls took the lead in the three-legged race. They believed things were going up for us juniors. 

Human table is the most difficult of all. Starting with the girls, the Freshman were the first to fall, followed by the Seniors. Our junior saints were holding firm, but the Sophomores appeared to be much closer to the dub. In the same order, our young saints took up the challenge. With the human table, sophomores won yet again.

We played balloon pop, hungry hippo, towel drag, and the table game in the last few enjoyable games. With all of the hard work and effort from all four classes, the Seniors won the Clash of 2023 and are leaving San Dimas with a Clash of 2023 victory. 

Aside from the exciting games, enthusiasm, and bonding experiences shared by each class, our ASB students put in a lot of effort throughout the year. “I feel really good about how the clash turned out,” said our executive president, senior Jaiden Miranda. My ASB class and commissioners Marissa and Priscilla worked tirelessly all year to prepare hundreds of posters, large backdrops, scrolls, and other props.” He couldn’t be more happy with his efforts as ASB president, but as a Senior who took the title, Miranda stated, “I was stoked that we won clash.” The events have been the best in my four years, and the victorious clash has just added to the core high school memories I will never forget”. 

Regardless of the outcome, clash is something that all students on our campus will remember. It truly unites our school and calls on all of our best and brightest talents to compete for the win. Until next year.

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